Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Choosing the Best Mineral Makeup for You (part 2 of 2)


Aside from this mineral, some mineral makeup brands claim that they have a “pure” line.  But once you have checked the ingredient list, they are not really different from the regular makeup.

You also need to check the ingredient list to see if titanium dioxide is present.  You would like to have this natural mineral on your makeup.  It has anti-inflammatory capability, making it good for women who frequently have skin problems breaking up.  Also it can be a natural skin sun protector.  It is also necessary to pick a makeup with an SPF factor of 15-30.  With this kind of makeup, you do not have to apply sunscreen under the makeup.

When trying the makeup, it would be best to apply it directly to the face and not on the hand.  The back of your hand or your wrists is not the exact match to your skin in the face.  Most brands would have makeup on different tones.  So you have to know your skin tone and what flatters it.

Testing the mineral makeup can be done if you the products in department stores and cosmetic line directly, but if you buying the product over the internet then that would be different.  You do not want to end with a makeup you are not going to use just because it did not look good on you.  So when buying online, buy the tester or a sampler first before the product.

Also, check for concealers.  This would be important if you would like to hide your under the eye circles and blemishes.  Just make sure that the concealer you pick will blend with your foundation.

When shopping for the best makeup, check if the manufacturer of your mineral makeup is also selling water-resistant primer.  A primer or sometimes they are available as sprays or cream, will help your makeup settle and stay in your face.


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