Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to Lose 10 Pounds If Your Are Over 40 (part 1 of 2)


People, especially women, nearing their prime must realize that losing weight is the same no matter what the age may be. For those wondering if it is possible to lose 10 pounds if you are over 40, yes it is. The dietary and exercise routines remain the same. The fundamentals are not altered – even the goals remain true. There is certainly a diversity of methods you can take in order to lose weight effectively.

Use a Pedometer

One way to exercise is to climb a set of steps. Experts agree that a daily 3000-step exercise routine is helpful in burning fats. Fortunately, a pedometer can help you with such task. A pedometer is simply an electronic device that can help you count the steps you take. The electronic device does this by detecting the motion of the hips. However, before buying one you must first know how to pick the right device that can provide you with accuracy.

Firstly, you should not be cheap. Several market outlets offer cheap or free pedometer – these devices can’t provide you with proper readings. Next, you should learn how to program that device and concentrate mainly on counting the steps you take.

Add Imaginary Calories

In case you set a daily calorie intake you can follow, it is always helpful to add an imaginary 10 calorie to everything you are about to eat. For instance, if you have set your daily calorie intake to 1,600, you should be able to know just how much calorie each food you eat has. If the label says 130 calories per serving, add 10 or 15 imaginary calorie to that to make it 140-145. This can ultimately help you achieve your daily calorie intake since chances are, your estimation is accurate.


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