Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Pros And Cons of Deforestation (part 2 of 2)

The Countless Flaws Of Deforestation

If the advantages of deforestation are innumerable, its disadvantages come in a million ways. Deforestation introduces numerous community and environmental harms. The abrupt and irreversible consequences of worldwide deforestation are guaranteed to jeopardize the existence of Earth. The domino effect of deforestation includes: extinction of the biodiversity; the annihilation of the indigenous people (local inhabitants of the area); and a global change in climate. One wrong move can lead us all to an empty and meaningless world.

The consequence of deforestation is claimed to be a domino effect because one step to destroying nature will cause the deaths or extinction of many more species. After the death of animal and plant life is the partial loss of human life through poverty and pollution. If things pursue this way, human extinction could also be inevitable. The years are counting, and each day of that year trees are being felled and lands are being abolished of the natural wonders. If the world used to be a better and cleaner place to live in, then we can definitely start to relive those days now.

The only known way to halt this is to put a stop to every cause of deforestation. Regardless of the pros and cons of deforestation, we must only think of one thing, and that is reviving nature while it is still possible to be saved. While there is only an ample amount of time left, we would need it to rebuild nature and stop its total destruction.

Although it couldn't happen in just a click of time, the possibilities are way higher if all races participate in giving back life to the damaged forests. The only way to repay nature is by being kind to it.


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